Finnick Odair and Forced Prostitution


The topic of forced Prostitution is a theme found within the last novel of The Hunger Games Trilogy, Mockingjay, through Finnick, when he exposes this dark secret for a propo. I will be analyzing the section below from Chapter 12 of Mockingjay. Hope you like it!

I’ve been sufficient, if not…

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I actually think that if every girl in the world found her Finnick and every boy found his Annie, than everything would be fine and nothing would hurt.

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So that’s who Finnick loves..

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Annie Cresta doodle.

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An OTP where one half professes their undying love for the other half on national tv is the best kind of OTP.

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you make me happy when skies are grey

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Annie Cresta appreciation posts always make me happy.

People need to write them more often.

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Finnick and Annie. I don’t like the whole ‘love triangle’ thing with Katniss but I liked these two and their relationship a lot and I always gravitate towards the secondary characters.

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If Finnick and Annie don’t receive a proper backstory in Mockingjay, I’m writing a strongly worded letter of disapproval to Lionsgate.

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