Annie goes to Katniss for some late night advice

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CHOKING ON SEAWATER — — — for lovers doomed to drown  

an annie cresta/finnick odair fanmix ] [ listen ] 

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What makes me sad about The Hunger Games is that you have two beautiful story lines (Finnick and Annie + Cato and Clove) that only make little screen time, if any at all. These relationships, as polar opposite as they each are, are so unique in their own ways and have plenty of potential. I absolutely hate to see them be looked past. 

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Annie tweets to Finnick

Sorry I couldn’t get a profile picture up there. If anyone has a good tweet generator that allows pictures (mine allows it but it wasn’t working), let me know. Also if I should do more of these in the future let me know

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So…. no Finnick Odair or Annie Cresta in the new Mockingjay trailer, huh?

Damn it, Lionsgate. You had one fucking job.


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Come on, Lionsgate. I just want one little glimpse of Annie Cresta. I’m not asking for much.

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But wait…where’s Peeta? Where’s Finnick? Where’s Annie? WHERE ARE MY BABIES?!?!?!?!?!?!


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Pro: 3 Mockingjay trailers so far

Con: No Finnick. 

Pro: The trailers are awesome

Con: No Annie.

Pro: The scene where Katniss says she’s gonna fight with the people

Con: No Finnick and Annie

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